Seabright Townhomes Make Their Debut :
COSTA MESA, CA--Brandywine Homes' 26-unit community at 2019 Anaheim Ave. here is created after the developer demolished an existing 18-unit apartment complex to build it in this week's wrap-up of deals.

MESA Increases Funds Available for Distribution
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For commercial real estate owners in today’s world, sticking to traditional approaches is likely to put you in the red. Transcend Equity uses a unique set of skills in real estate, capital markets and project development to overcome traditional hurdles in commercial real estate ownership and the process of going green.

If you own tenant-occupied real estate, ask yourself these questions:

Why can’t the emerging green revolution be used to enhance rather than reduce the yield of your existing real estate assets?
Why can’t the age of your portfolio be used as a financial asset instead of a liability?
Why can’t increasing operating expense pressure be an opportunity rather than a threat to your dividend growth?
Why can’t substantial portfolio growth be accomplished without a corresponding increase in your operating staff?

The traditional answer is “because it can’t.”

At Transcend Equity, we’ve attacked these traditional limitations of approaching efficiency and sustainability in real estate to offer innovative solutions to convert these challenges into opportunities.

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How MESA Works for REITS

Let us show you how MESA can increase your Funds Available for Distribution (FAD).

How MESA Works for Private Investors

Let us show you how MESA can increase your investment yield.